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Java Extensions

  • Bali: Java Glossary

    Contains problems in the programming language that is necessary for changes in its syntax. Brief descriptions are provided for each.

  • Borneo Language

    Discussion on the problems that are subject to change in the Java programming language. Contains a changelog, downloadable versions, FAQs, and a family tree of float-pointing proposition.

  • Jass

    Introduces the development of the language extension JaWA that affirms check statements, forall and exists expressions, invariants for classes, Javadoc, and comments in assertions.

  • Java Modeling Language

    Contains several examples, documents, downloads, and progress notes of the behavioral interface language.

  • Java Party

    Details the characteristics of the project namely the transparent remote objects, instance access, object creation, class access, object mobility and replicates objects.

  • jContractor

    Explains the purposes and advantages of the software; also shows its release history and downloadable editions.

  • JWIG

    Provides demo programs, downloadable source code, manual, FAQs, and project status and proposals of the system that specializes in web development.

  • Parameterized Types for Java

    Covers detailed information about the Java programming language, its extensions and process of parameterization.

  • Pizza Compiler

    Contains three main features of the extensible Java language namely generics, function pointers, and class cases and pattern matching. With examples, tutorial, FAQs, and other associated documents.

  • PolyJ

    Introduces the Java compiler that uses parameters in generic programming. Includes a list of its deficiencies, downloadable source code, manual, and FAQs.

  • Ptolemy II

    Describes the software framework that has a collection of Java packages that supports heterogeneous modeling and design. Contains FAQs, a programmer’s manual and numerous downloadable versions.

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