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Java Enterprise Edition Libraries and Frameworks


Java Server Pages and database management framework provides highlight list, API documentation, example code and screen images, and changelog.

Ajax JSF Framework Review

Survey on JavaServer Faces office suite includes Icefaces, Netadvantage, and Quipukit that uses the programming language.

Apache Wicket

Provides highlight descriptions, code examples with screen images, and reference guide for the web application development system.

AppStats Framework

Monitors and analyzes Java application statistics. With status reports, API documentation, and package release.


Suite of Java servlets that creates web-based pages. With product details and sample codes.

Common Controls

Java language-written presentation framework with guided tours, details and screenshots, demon, trial version request, documentations, and examples.


Enhancement framework in Java programming language. With advantage lists and developer’s manual.

Extensible Filtering Pipelines

Performs administration of data with configuration files from Extensible Markup Language. Provides file release, API documentation, and installation guide.

IBM: Branch Transformation Toolkit for WebSphere Studio

Aids in generating front office applications. Contains highlight and benefit details, system qualifications, and training services.

IT Mill

Company of system and technology consultants offers software development services. With demos, sample applications, and documentations.


Contains Javadoc, installation methods, version releases, and related links for the tool and application generator.


Web application builder implemented using the Java programming language. Contains API documentation, code examples, specifications, and installation instructions.


Company offers services and solutions for network messaging, mobile SMS, email, and content management.


Java component library generates web-based user-interfaces. Includes example applications, API documentation, FAQs, and tutorials.

Muller und Stein: Cameleon

E-Commerce application developing system written in Java. With documentations and releases.

MX4J Project

Management extensions for open-source implementation. With application programming interface reference, user manual, and releases.

ObjectWeb: JOTM

Java-written open transaction management with manuals, references, publications and specifications, test reports and documentation.

ONJava: What is Struts

Introduces servlet-based Apache project and the Java framework that generates applications.


Enterprise Application Integration system software with exception management converts and validates data. Includes tutorial, API reference, and whitepaper.

OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java

Application enhancement framework in the programming language provides tutorials with examples and Javadoc.


Software provides framework for operations on Java Server Pages. Includes project detail on web applications, database adapters, and optional components.


Aims to produce embeddable Hypertext Transfer Protocol engine based on Java language. Provides feature descriptions, reference documentation and source codes.

SourceForge: Karapan Sapi Struts Generator

Package releases for web-based application building system written in Java.

SourceForge: SOFIA

Provides screenshot and file release for the Enterprise Edition framework in Java language.

SourceForge: Xoplon XML/XSLT Framework

Package release for Hypertext Markup Language-based application builder.

Spring Framework

Application management written in Java, with FAQs, reference guide and documentation, and package releases.


Contains application programming interface documentation, quick guide, and file release for web-based application framework.

Struts for Transforming XML with XSL

Extension framework supports Extensible Markup and Stylesheet Language technologies. Provides highlight list, change history, API documentation, and introductory manual.

Sun: Java Management Extensions Technology

Contains binary releases, article collection, FAQs, and documentations for the network management library.


Open-source framework for application building runs on Java Servlet application programming interface. Provides feature, third-party component, and extension details.


Framework in Java programming language supports enhancement of web-based applications. With various releases and related projects.


Allows mapping of databases automatically. Includes FAQs, user and installation guides, and API reference.

Web User Interface

Java-based framework writes UIs and web applications using widgets and components. With installation instructions, tutorial with code samples, Javadoc, and screen images.

WidgetServer Framework

Generates web-based graphical user interfaces in Java. Contains feature comparison table between commercial and LGPL versions, screen images, demonstrations, and package distributions.


Offers reporting software, document generation, web-based reporting solutions and more for businesses. windwardstudios

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