Java Enterprise Edition Libraries and Frameworks in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Enterprise Edition Libraries and Frameworks

  • Ablia

    Java Server Pages and database management framework provides highlight list, API documentation, example code and screen images, and changelog.

  • Ajax JSF Framework Review

    Survey on JavaServer Faces office suite includes Icefaces, Netadvantage, and Quipukit that uses the programming language.

  • Apache Wicket

    Provides highlight descriptions, code examples with screen images, and reference guide for the web application development system.

  • AppStats Framework

    Monitors and analyzes Java application statistics. With status reports, API documentation, and package release.

  • Coldbeans

    Suite of Java servlets that creates web-based pages. With product details and sample codes.

  • Common Controls

    Java language-written presentation framework with guided tours, details and screenshots, demon, trial version request, documentations, and examples.

  • Expresso

    Enhancement framework in Java programming language. With advantage lists and developer’s manual.

  • Extensible Filtering Pipelines

    Performs administration of data with configuration files from Extensible Markup Language. Provides file release, API documentation, and installation guide.

  • IBM: Branch Transformation Toolkit for WebSphere Studio

    Aids in generating front office applications. Contains highlight and benefit details, system qualifications, and training services.

  • IT Mill

    Company of system and technology consultants offers software development services. With demos, sample applications, and documentations.

  • Knopflerfish

    Contains Javadoc, installation methods, version releases, and related links for the tool and application generator.

  • Makumba

    Web application builder implemented using the Java programming language. Contains API documentation, code examples, specifications, and installation instructions.

  • MetaQueue

    Company offers services and solutions for network messaging, mobile SMS, email, and content management.

  • Millstone

    Java component library generates web-based user-interfaces. Includes example applications, API documentation, FAQs, and tutorials.

  • Muller und Stein: Cameleon

    E-Commerce application developing system written in Java. With documentations and releases.

  • MX4J Project

    Management extensions for open-source implementation. With application programming interface reference, user manual, and releases.

  • ONJava: What is Struts

    Introduces servlet-based Apache project and the Java framework that generates applications.

  • Openadaptor

    Enterprise Application Integration system software with exception management converts and validates data. Includes tutorial, API reference, and whitepaper.

  • OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java

    Application enhancement framework in the programming language provides tutorials with examples and Javadoc.

  • OpMath

    Software provides framework for operations on Java Server Pages. Includes project detail on web applications, database adapters, and optional components.

  • Simple

    Aims to produce embeddable Hypertext Transfer Protocol engine based on Java language. Provides feature descriptions, reference documentation and source codes.

  • SourceForge: Karapan Sapi Struts Generator

    Package releases for web-based application building system written in Java.

  • SourceForge: SOFIA

    Provides screenshot and file release for the Enterprise Edition framework in Java language.

  • SourceForge: Xoplon XML/XSLT Framework

    Package release for Hypertext Markup Language-based application builder.

  • Spring Framework

    Application management written in Java, with FAQs, reference guide and documentation, and package releases.

  • Spring-Dashboard

    Contains application programming interface documentation, quick guide, and file release for web-based application framework.

  • Struts for Transforming XML with XSL

    Extension framework supports Extensible Markup and Stylesheet Language technologies. Provides highlight list, change history, API documentation, and introductory manual.

  • Tapestry

    Open-source framework for application building runs on Java Servlet application programming interface. Provides feature, third-party component, and extension details.

  • Turbine

    Framework in Java programming language supports enhancement of web-based applications. With various releases and related projects.

  • Velosurf

    Allows mapping of databases automatically. Includes FAQs, user and installation guides, and API reference.

  • Web User Interface

    Java-based framework writes UIs and web applications using widgets and components. With installation instructions, tutorial with code samples, Javadoc, and screen images.

  • WidgetServer Framework

    Generates web-based graphical user interfaces in Java. Contains feature comparison table between commercial and LGPL versions, screen images, demonstrations, and package distributions.

  • Windward

    Offers reporting software, document generation, web-based reporting solutions and more for businesses. windwardstudios

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