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Java Enterprise Edition Articles

Design Patterns for Building Flexible and Maintainable J2EE Applications

Introduces the reclaimable designs for constructing and supporting Java 2 enterprise edition applications. With a diagram and sample codes for illustration.

How To: Set-up WebObjects on Linux

Provides instructions in setting up a Java web application server. Includes code samples for illustration.

IBM: Best Practices in EJB Exception Building

Discusses the ways in resolving system errors based on the Enterprise JavaBeans. With listings of its principles and categories, and sample codes for further information.

Java News Brief: A Simple Data Access Layer Using Hibernate

Discussion on the two tools that modify the access of the data development procedure. Includes code samples and diagrams.

O’Reilly On Java: Designing Tapestry Mega-Components

Article that covers the building of one Java web component, the Palette. Contains a screenshot, diagram, sample codes, FAQs and other related documents.

O’Reilly On Java: Using Xdoclet

Introduces the tool that can view the whole EJBDoclet component by means of the Bean class. List of namespaces, class level definitions, and tags included.

Web Developer’s Journal: An Introduction to Java Servlets

Provides details on the background and ways in developing applications with servlets. Supplies numerous code samples for illustration.

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