Java Obfuscators in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Obfuscators

  • Force5

    Features the software that develops and advertises solutions for the Java developers and programmers in protecting their intellectual property. Offers the product JCloak with a free 30-day trial version.

  • IBM: JAX

    Features the Java-based application packaging tool for reducing distribution sizes. Includes information about the authors and their research.

  • Jarg

    Presents the numerous functions of the Java archive grinder. Provides downloadable versions and installation procedures.

  • Java Guard

    Defines the general-purpose bytecode obfuscator that is created to match into basic building and testing processes. Includes the latest downloadable file version with release notes.

  • JBCO

    Overview of the Java-based bytecode obfuscator with examples, articles, downloads, proposed works and accessible projects.

  • JODE

    Introduces the Java package that is composed of an optimizer and decompiler. Includes documentation, applets, FAQs, projects and links associated with the application.

  • JShrink Eastridge Technology

    Describes the Java-based obfuscator which extracts a nominal set of class files for an application. Contains purchasable and downloadable versions, and a user manual.

  • ProGuard

    Introduces the functions of the freeware class file shrinker, obfuscator, and optimizer with FAQs, user manual, examples, screenshots and downloads.

  • Retrologic Systems: RetroGuard

    Features the Java-based class file format that reveals numerous information about an original Java source code through decompiling. Offers two downloadable versions for open-source projects and non-profit use.

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