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Java Eclipse Open Source Integrated Development Environment


Open source community with a gallery of screenshots, downloadable packages, and third-party distros. Includes a list of projects and its reviews.

Eclipse GCJ Builder

Presents the plug-in that incorporates the GCJ compiler in Eclipse build infrastructure. Product available for downloading with system prerequisites, setups and configuration.

Eclipse Plug-ins

Websphere studio application developer that contains updates and releases with descriptions related to the tool.

Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In

Shows a brief description of the deployment tool with introductory documents and free downloadable versions.


Contains Eclipse plug-in tasks that can be called on namely logger declaration, logger insertions, logger modification and system out substitutions.

Motion Modeling

Comprises of lists of the program’s features, code and project maturity, and maintenance. Offers a free downloadable version with screenshots.

RMI Plug-in for Eclipse Version 2.0

Provides the latest news and releases related to RMI. Provides information about the application solution that gives support to the forthcoming release of Europa.


Introduction of the open-source testing tool that serves as an Eclipse integrated development environment plug-in. With numerous screenshots for further illustration.

SourceForge: EasyEclipse

Open source integrated development environment with available version downloads with installation screenshots.

Tigris: Subclipse

Eclipse team provider plug-in with a list of its recent updates and release versions. Comprises of blog articles and posts from registered users.

Visual Paradigm: Smart Development Environment

Contains various features that support SDE for Eclipse such as UML, database, requirement and business process modeling, interoperability, object-relational mapping, and code engineering.

Visual Rules: Business Rule Engine

Explains the different features in developing business rules by using the program. Offers free downloading, demo, and information documents.


Provides extensive information about the Eclipse plug-in that specializes in platform pair programming. Product is available in source and binary form.

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