Java Deployment Tools in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Deployment Tools

  • DeNova

    Features the JExpress that allows users to generate worldwide installers and updaters. Includes a list of its customers such as IBM, Ericsson, Siemens, GM, NASA, Deutsche Bank and Alcatel.

  • Duckware: Java Tools

    Features three development tools intended for software developers. Each is provided with detailed information on its definition, operability and availability.

  • Giant Java Tree: Automated Release and Distribution

    Presents the system that functions by reusing of Java packages through the process of standardizing and automating. Explains the AutoRad standard for coding, its steps in running the systems and custom Javadoc tags.

  • The Jarpend Project

    Explains the development tool, its objectives, usage and installation. Includes two project editions available for downloading.

  • Seppia

    Announces the recent releases of the program that creates applications from jars and javascript. Compiles introductory documents and articles relating to the Java technology.

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