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Java Code Refactoring Tools

  • Condenser

    Definition of the tool that is used for browsing and omitting identical codes in Java. Contains downloadable versions of the software.

  • Industrial Logic: Refactoring to Patterns

    Features the book by Joshua Kerievsky with discussions on the purposes, goals, and programming background for the readers. Offers a copy accessible through online purchasing.

  • jEdit

    Describes the JavaRefactor, a plug-in that is composed of different methods and fields within an inheritance hierarchy. Provides screenshots, icons, images, reviews and downloads.

  • Journal of Object Technology: Refactoring as Meta Programming?

    Presents an article on the process of refactoring with concerns for the impacts of its language and tools, Meta programming, and persistent instances.

  • JRefactory

    Offers support for the 15 refactoring classes and methods with descriptions of each. Includes information about the software’s GUI, IDE, Metrics and third party tools.

  • Ludwig Maximilians Univeristat Munchen

    Contains a thesis paper on refactoring Java written programs. Accessible software includes Refactoring browser, FrameWorks and Samba server.

  • Transmogrify

    Provides information about the tool that focuses on the refactoring of existing Java codes. Includes manuals for programmers.

  • Xref-Tech: Xrefactory for C/Java

    Defines the professional development tool that offers code completion, refactoring and source browsing for the Java and C programming language. Recent version 1.6.10 available for downloading.

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