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Java JDO Object Persistence

  • Castor

    Presents the project that offers Java-to-SQL persistence and Java-to-XML binding. With recent news and document modifications.

  • Java Community Process

    Information about the Java-based data objects specification. Provides downloadable versions both old and new.

  • O’Reilly On Java: Castor JDO

    Editorial about the Java data object on the Exolab. Allows registered users to post their comments reagarding the article.

  • O’Reilly On Java: Flawed JDO Points the Way to the Objectbase

    Details the issues concerning the negative results on SQL and Java data object abstraction. Includes instructions in writing a user-defined type object table and mirror Java class with source codes provided.

  • O’Reilly On Java: Flawed Understanding of JDO Leads to FUD

    Covers an article on the issues with the Java data object and an application program presenting a distinction between the Java database connectivity and Java data object.

  • O’Reilly On Java: Using Castor JDO for SQL Mapping

    Discussion on the utilization of the multifaceted software tool with instructions provided. Includes the mapping root element code for illustration.

  • TJDO Project Page

    Describes TriActive, a Java-written open source implementation built for maintaining transparent persistence. Proffers a downloadable version, tutorial, documentation and Javadocs.

  • XORM

    Details the recent release of the object-relational mapping layer. Explains instructions in accessing and utilizing the project.

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