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Java Object Persistence

  • Abra Project

    Contains the project’s history, major design decisions, features, user manuals, and links associated with lightweight Java persistence framework.

  • Apache Cayenne

    Presents the open source persistence framework accredited under Apache. Provides numerous documentations, downloads, success stories and commercial support for the project.

  • The Apache DB Project

    Features Torque, a Java-based object-relational mapping system. Discusses the elements of the project namely runtime, generator, maven-plugin and templates.

  • The Apache DB Project

    Features a synopsis of the ObJectRelatioanlBridge mapping tool. Summary consists of discussions on the tool’s flexibility, functionality and scalability.

  • CarrierWave

    Contains the project’s user documentation, Javadoc, patterns, tasks, and downloadable examples.

  • DB Objects for Java

    Covers an application programming interface documentation, version history, source codes, and frequently asked questions concerning the Java-written database.

  • Hibernate

    Introduces the driver that has a robust object-relational persistence and query assistance. Enumerates its types such as hibernate core, search, tools, validator, annotations, entity manager and shards.

  • iBATIS

    Data mapper framework that has easier access in utilizing a database Java and .NET applications. Provides tutorials and start guides.

  • Jaxor

    Announces the recently released version of the model-driven persistence. Comprises a discussion on its database compatibility, Pico Container, clover test coverage challenge and queries.

  • JDBM Project

    Describes the Java-based transactional persistence engine. Comprises downloadable versions, documentation, and examples with source codes.

  • JDX: J-Database Exchange

    Presents a driver that has a cross-platform and developer-friendly solution intended for transactional persistence of the objects written in Java.

  • JGrinder

    Introduces the structure intended for mapping Java objects into relational databases, flat files and memory storage. Offers downloading on the featured project.

  • jRf

    Updated version of the jRelationalFramework available for downloading. Offers FAQs, tutorials, example codes, and Javadoc application programming interface.

  • jStorm

    Project that aims in reducing the pairings between the database design and application code. Provides downloadable version, documentations and associated links.

  • O’Reilly On Java: Object-Relational Mapping with Apache Jakarta

    Editorial about persistence frameworks that let Java developers in mapping out standard objects in Java into relational tables.

  • Objective Database Abstraction Layer

    Presents ODAL, a multi-usable database management framework that comprises of a query application programming interface, object-relational mapping, data validation, stored procedure support and code generation.

  • Objectmatter

    Introduces the Visual Business Sight Framework that facilitates the saving and retrieval of the objects in Java. Offers a tutorial in object-relational mapping.

  • Osage

    Describes the Osage Persistence Plus XML, a Java database connectivity O-R mapping allowing programmers to implement database access. Includes manual and discussion forums for Java users.

  • Thought Inc.

    Features the newest edition of the CocoBase Pure Pojo with its news releases and downloadable version.

  • Visual Paradigm: Database Visual Architect

    Discussion composed of UML static modeling, interoperability, team collaboration, documentation generation, object-relational mapping, database modeling and database reserve engineering.

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