Java JDBC Drivers in the Best of the Web Directory

Java JDBC Drivers

  • CsvJdbc

    Contains a driver example code and advanced options related to the read-only Java database driver.

  • DataDirect Technologies

    Features the product called the DataDirect Connect, which can be purchased online. Also contains a trial version.

  • HXTT

    Details the specializations and numerous packages of the company called Hongxin Technology and Trade Ltd. Provides an index of different JDBC databases that can be purchased online.

  • JDBC: Virtual JDBC

    Features VJDBC, a type-3 Java database connectivity that comprises a client-server model. Includes a diagram of the connectivity’s functionality intended for illustration.

  • J-Stels Software

    Comprises information, downloads and online purchasing for the drivers and database such as the StelsCSV, StelsXML, StelsDBF and StelsEngine.

  • The jTDS Project

    Contains an overview, FAQs documentation, downloads, and news about this freeware.

  • jXDBCon-Open Source JDBC Driver Framework

    Explains the functionality and purposes of the driver. Includes online documentation and downloadable versions with brief descriptions for each.

  • MySQL

    Provides information about the MySQL Connector/J including its features, downloads, licensing, support, and interoperability.

  • New Atlanta: JTurbo

    Features JTurbo, a type 4 JDBC driver enhanced to reach platform independence and omit deployment organization issues.

  • SmallSQL Database

    Platform-independent and Java-based database engine that lists both its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Sybase: jConnect for JDBC

    Presents the high performance access to the complete group of Sybase products. Offers downloadable versions, product manuals, guide versions and references.

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