Java Networking and Distributed Computing Class Libraries in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Networking and Distributed Computing Class Libraries

  • Atomikos

    Online transaction processing that is based on Java platform. Includes product details and services.

  • Bare Bones Browser Launch for Java

    Details solution for opening web pages from a Swing application. Provides example codes, Javadoc, and screen image.

  • Brendonwilson

    Features the JXTA Book, which is a presentation of a guided tour of its platform. Short synopses are given for each chapter.

  • Cognitive Web

    Human-centric web architecture's overview, mission, projects and key issues.

  • Community OpenORB

    Provides version releases, feature list, FAQs, manuals, and source code Javadoc for the open-source software.

  • Distinct: RPC for Java

    Information on Java-based toolkit for writing distributed applications. Contains advantage list, trial version, and product documentation.

  • ELib: Inter-Object Semantics

    Provides information on the Java class library’s language and coding conventions, with code samples and Javadoc application programming interface.

  • Galaxy Communicator

    Features open-source architecture designed for dialog system building. Provides FAQs, tutorial, examples, and reference guide.

  • Giant Java Tree:

    Package implements CVS server/client protocol. Includes source codes, class files, and documentation.

  • JACOMMA - Java Communicating Agents

    Defines the Java Communicating Agents for advancing mobile communication. With software list, design notes, and code examples.

  • Jada

    Java-based package allowing distributed applications to access a shared object. Provides online documentation and free downloadable versions.

  • jPOS

    Java-based transaction library designed for implementing financial interchanges.

  • jSDP - Java implementation of SDP protocol

    Provides standard description on multimedia sessions with message protocols. Also details FAQs, packages, sample codes, and API documentation.

  • OpenLDAP: Java LDAP

    Class library enables user to access, manage and update information in a directory. Provides ReadME file and sample codes.

  • QuickServer

    Open-source framework for Java designs TCP server applications. Provides API documentations, developer’s guide, and resources.

  • Remote Tea

    Implements protocol for TCP/IP and UDP/IP transports. Includes project history, feature list, documentations and summaries.

  • SourceForge: Jbot

    Features program that creates irc library in Java and bot configuration.

  • Toolkit for the Simulation of Distributed Algorithms in Java

    Java class library's collection of applet examples, documentation, and downloads that enhances distributed algorithms.

  • XINS - XML Interface for Network Services

    Open source web service for REST, SOAP and JSON. Provides screen images, demos and documentations.

  • XOBJEX Corporation

    Research and Development company offers enhancements on network software and systems, and web services.

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