Java Class Libraries Math and Calculations in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Class Libraries Math and Calculations

ArciMath BigDecimal

Information on features, benchmarks, revision history, and licensing options. Includes recent versions and documentations.

Colt Project

Collection of Java-written open-source libraries for technical and scientific computation. Also details its features and design goals.

eTeks: Jeks

Defines Swing JTable component-based Java spreadsheet, includes feature list, applet demos, and documentations.


Company focuses on Extensive Markup Language and Java technologies. Contains product news and trial versions.


Supports various types of graph based on Strings, URLs, and XML documents. Includes updates and source code of versions.


Features release of the Java to MatLab connectivity. Includes FAQs, and version history.

Math Parser for Java

Applicable in scientific and engineering programs. Lists example of typical expressions, features, functions and definitions.

Matrix Toolkits for Java

Designed for developing numerical applications and computations. Presents versions, source codes, FAQs, and reference documentation.

Significant Figures

Defines the number class in Java for calculating and displaying significant figures. Provides code examples and reference documentation.

Singular Systems: AutoAbacus

Features Java library for solving equation sets. Highlights features, screen images, and trial and demo versions.

SourceForge: JmathTools IS

Presents set of independent packages for computing purposes. Includes screen shots, tutorials, and code samples.

SpaceRoots: Mantissa

Mathematical Algorithms for Numerical Tasks in Space System Applications contains various mathematical tools. Provides algorithm list and FAQs.

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