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Java Graphics Class Libraries

eTcks: PJA Toolkit

Details the PJA Toolkit and its features. Library is supplied with Java source files, Javadoc documentation, FAQ list, versions history and demonstrations.


Presents JGo as a graphics library that allows building of custom interactive diagrams, network editors, connected graphs, scheduling charts, smart maps, flowcharts, and software design tools.

Graph INterface librarY

Introduces the components and functions of the GINY with a sample graph, screenshots, and FAQs for added information.

The HyperGraph

Features an open source project that supplies Java codes for the hyperbolic geometry. Contains examples, documentations, and FAQs associated with the project.


Includes ILOG JViews Visualization products such as Diagrammer, Maps, Gantt, Charts, Telecom Graphic Objects, and Maps for Defense with sample screens for illustration.

Image Toolz

Java-based program intended for generating images. Provides a list of various methods for basic operations, color replacement operators, colors, filters, getGraphics, painting and others.

The Java-Gnome Language Bindings Project

Provides discussion on the Java-gnome versions 2,x and 4.0, API and hacking. Offers downloadable binaries and source codes.


Presents a Java swing component intended for demonstrating vector animation and graphics. Proffers demonstration as well as several documentations.


Features online purchasing, screenshots, manuals, and API documents for the Java open source graph drawing component.

Jinsight Informatica Ltda

Brazilian-based company that specializes in Java component development for data visualization. Features the types of series supported by the JetChart library.


Includes a list of the Java library’s features. Offers downloadable sources with precompile binaries, JAR files and Javadoc API documentation. - GEF

A Java library for connected graph editors.

Zooki Technologies

Features the latest program releases with detailed descriptions provided. Accessible products include the ExplicitLayout v3.0 and the EventInitializer v1.0.

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