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Java Class Libraries Data Formats

The Apache Jakarta Project

Describes the Element Construction Set as a Java based API used in creating elements for various markup languages. Shows code samples to generate the languages.

Batik SVG Toolkit

Provides an overview of Batik as a Java-based toolkit for applications and applets. Discusses the functions of the toolkit with figure samples for illustration.

Comma Separated Values

Consists of utilities such as browser, file helper, line ends, tabs, string helper, parallelizer, and dialogs intended for writing and reading the CSV text files.

Cross Translator

Data translator used for map editors, command line tools, and map runners. Supports translations from EDI X12 and X12N, HIPAA, EDIFACT, XML, flat files, and database.


Defined as a Java based conversion tool and library that aims to convert CSV files to SQL statements. Includes a schema of the conversion process.


Java-based toolkit that writes, reads and translates EDI files to XML. Free downloadable EDI4J version 1.0 offered.

HTML Parser

Discusses a detailed description of the Java library mentioning the two fundamental use-cases of the parser. Covers the functions and examples of extraction and transformation.


Java API intended for configuring files in the Windows .ini format. Includes code samples and tutorials related to the API.


Introduction of the iText Java library which lets users to generate PDF files. Allows downloads for the library and its documentation.

Java Barcoding

Aims to aid Java programmers in incorporating barcode technology to applications. Includes Java barcode packages available for online purchasing and downloading.

Jericho HTML Parser

Java-based library that allows operation and analysis of the different parts of an HTML document. Available sample programs are listed with short descriptions provided for each.

SourceForge: CsvJdbc

Provides a short summary of the read-only JDBC driver for Java. Proffers a downloadable file version with release notes included.

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