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Java Class Libraries


Open source multiplayer online framework meant for generating online games by using Marauroa as the content management system.

Code Generation Library

Free software that uses open source projects such as Hibernate, Voruta, XORM, the Byte Code Engineering Library, Nanning Aspects, Spring, ASM and others.

Fkache Open Source

Showcases the version changes, installation instructions, FAQs and project information of the Fkache open source.


Announcement of the latest release of the Flux version 7.4 that presents the capacity to edit workflows on a Flux engine.


Features the GeneratioJava Core library that gives out updates and additions on the current GenJavaCore versions. Provides a list of the new classes with short descriptions included in each.

Home of Fine Java Products

List of Java applets, applications, classes, application resources and serialized objects that are available for free downloading.


Highlights the Ajax for Java EE with viewable demonstrations and downloadable ICEfaces.

ILOG Rules

Business rule management system intended for the Java programming language. Provides a list of the JRules in organizing and setting up the business rules.

Jakarta Commons

Creates, maintains and shares reusable Java components throughout its community. .

Java Numerics

Information on numerical computing in Java.

Java Plug-in Framework Project

Defines JPF as a runtime engine that determines and loads plug-ins. Consists of advantages that JPF can bring to the user’s Java project.

Java Simulation Package

Mentions three Java packages namely the queues package, the random package and the sim package. Provides documentation of the three applet API packages.


Project that has an inclusive re-implementation of the java.beans packages. Offers the latest JBeans release version 1.1 available for downloading.


Provides an API documentation and screenshots of the GUI demonstration application. Includes associated links and resources to JDollar class library.

JICE – Java Instance Configuration Engine

Features an XML-based Inversion of Control Container that is a means for structuring and organizing objects in the application.

jProduction Protection

Offers numerous features of the product such as easy embedding, licensing server, web services and control center.


Open-source temporal framework of components that allows simple implementation and design for time-related applications.


Features a simple Java scheduling library that supports ringing alarms on one-time events and complex schedules.


Compilation of thread utilities intended for the Java programming language. Offers demonstrations, viewable API and a downloadable 30-day evaluation copy.


Java Bean that functions as a report generator and print preview controller. Contains flexible page layouts, tables, text formatting, charts, diagrams, graphs, and modifiable objects.

The Mandarax Project

Provides numerous reasons for choosing Mandarax. Contains examples, FAQs, documentation, and links related to the project.

The Mango Library

Java-based library that contains a variety of algorithms, functions and iterator stimulated by the C++ standard template library. Features the latest news and releases.


Presentation of the meta architecture for the Java virtual machine with its application functions, publications and reports.


Project that publishes a variety of general purpose tools for Java. Offers the latest versions of the project that are available for free downloading.


Consists of downloadable files, project sites, documentation, and contact information related to the Novosoft metadata framework.

Orbital Library

Overview of this Java class library with downloadable documentations such as the Orbital library, application programming interface, features summary, and reviews.

Overview of Package utli.concurrent Release 1.3.4

Contains an index of the components of the package such as Sync, ReadWriteLock, Barrier, Channel, Executor, and others. Includes FAQs, related sources, and version history.

Pentaho Reporting

Free Java reporting library used for embedded solutions that supports servlets. Contains the news of the latest releases of the library with short descriptions included.

ReportCat – The Java Report Print SDK Library

List features and advantages of using the ReportCat Java print library. Provides screenshots for illustration.


Features the License 4J that is a simple Java-based library meant for generating and validating licenses. Includes a list of its advantages and online API demonstration.

SourceForge: Java Binding for SDL

Includes the latest news on the SDL library as well as downloadable file releases with notes provided for each.

SourceForge: JavaThis Utilities

Includes a brief summary of the Java utilities. Offers free downloadable versions with release notes provided.


Showcases the JRoots application framework that intends to develop Java database applications. Contains details on the data layer, business layer, GUI and form layer, and access manager.

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