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Features DynamicPDF as a Merger for the Java programming language that is used to merge and add new data to the existing documents of PDF.


List of commands used in delimiting lines such as Delete At, Insert Before, Moved To Before, Changed From and Changed To. Provides source codes with commentaries for added information about the program.


Provides a variety of minor open source links and projects such as a Proxy server and a File Splitter all written in the Java language.


Application on Java that lets users examine numerous log files at the same time. Includes downloadable screenshots of the configuration dialog and the main application window.


Application in Java that lets users seek out lines that match a specific pattern in a directory structure. Downloadable Fsgrep version 2.1.0 which contains source codes and classes.

Java Utilities

List of free downloadable software with installation instructions, brief descriptions and source codes provided.


Console Client in Java written for coders and system administrators. Provides a list of core commands with short definitions included.


Describes Jacksum version 1.7.0 as a platform independent software intended for verifying and computing checksums, message digests and CRC’s.

Launch Software Ltd

Presentation of the JavaDiff version 1.1 with a list of return codes, API codes, sample codes for added information.

SourceForge: Java Time Calculator

Described as a standard calculator that allows users to compute time intervals. Java application is accessible by downloading.

Viktor Klimov

Introduces the Network File System Interface as one that provides a standard interface to denote a file system to an NFS client. Offers the NFS version 1.0 for free downloading.

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