Java Network Applications in the Best of the Web Directory

Java Network Applications

  • DAV Explorer

    Presents DAV Explorer as a DeltaV, ACL, and a WebDAV client application that supports linear checkout, checkin, uncheckout and reporting functionality.

  • FreeCast

    Java application that accepts peer-to-peer streaming and webradio listening to a wide-range of listeners from a DSL connection.

  • JFtp – The Java Network Browser

    Summarizes JFtp as a file transfer client and graphical network written in Java. Offers downloadable .tar.gz distribution that includes source codes and precompiled binaries.

  • LimeWire

    Showcases LimeWire as a Flagship client of the Gnutella network. Includes downloadable LimeWire source snapshot, binaries, and source code downloading instructions.

  • Ohioedge

    Intends to enhance and distribute quality open source enterprise Java applications. Available CRM + BPM server, user’s guide, advanced developer’s guide and administrator’s documentation bundle for downloading.

  • OpenNMS

    Considered as the world’s pioneering enterprise grade network management platform. Features the latest version releases, documentation, discussion lists and FAQs concerning OpemNMS.

  • Softrage

    Highlights a cross-platform file manager intended for managing files, resources, and documents.

  • SourceForge: Gnutmeg

    Features Gnutmeg that is an interactive distributed file sharing system identical to Napster. Offers free downloading of the application.

  • SourceForge: WeirdX

    Presents WeirdX as an authentic Java X Window System server that is accessible by downloading.

  • Spark-It

    Proffers web designing services and web master services available for registered clients.

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