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Java Applications

  • Elixir Technology

    Highlights the Elixir Repertoire 7 that integrates business intelligence. Includes information dashboard for data navigation, enterprise reporting and information delivery, job scheduling and open interoperability on SOA.

  • Java

    Free downloadable Java games and applications available for desktops and mobile phones.

  • Java Archives

    Categories of different Java applications intended for audio, board games, browsers, chat, compression, HTML accessories, web servers and modem sharing.

  • JavaShareware

    Supports Java applications, applets, classes, servlets, beans, development tools and numerous projects. Features Premium Shareware which offers priority ranking on web searches, product listings, and mailing lists.

  • JChessBoard

    Presentation of the JChessBoard that is a Java written chess game capable of connecting to another JChessBoard through a direct TCP/IP connection.

  • Jeppers

    Presents Jeppers as a complete internet-based spreadsheet editor that is written in Java. Provides formula support, cell spanning and splitting, cell borders, toggle gridlines and headers, and different font styles for each cell.

  • SourceForge: AntiChess

    Presents AntiChess as an anti-chess Java game that aims players to be checkmated else they lose all their pieces but the king. Java game is available for downloading.

  • SourceForge: Double Choco Latte

    Features the Double Choco Latte that produces a solution for organizing IT departments such as call center activity and software development. Offers free download of the recent versions of the program.

  • TeamBots Application: JCye

    Showcases JCye as an open source Java software meant for manipulating a Cye robot. Includes instructions in installing and using the software.

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