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Java Applications

Elixir Technology

Highlights the Elixir Repertoire 7 that integrates business intelligence. Includes information dashboard for data navigation, enterprise reporting and information delivery, job scheduling and open interoperability on SOA.


Free downloadable Java games and applications available for desktops and mobile phones.


Supports Java applications, applets, classes, servlets, beans, development tools and numerous projects. Features Premium Shareware which offers priority ranking on web searches, product listings, and mailing lists.


Presentation of the JChessBoard that is a Java written chess game capable of connecting to another JChessBoard through a direct TCP/IP connection.


Presents Jeppers as a complete internet-based spreadsheet editor that is written in Java. Provides formula support, cell spanning and splitting, cell borders, toggle gridlines and headers, and different font styles for each cell.

SourceForge: AntiChess

Presents AntiChess as an anti-chess Java game that aims players to be checkmated else they lose all their pieces but the king. Java game is available for downloading.

SourceForge: Double Choco Latte

Features the Double Choco Latte that produces a solution for organizing IT departments such as call center activity and software development. Offers free download of the recent versions of the program.

TeamBots Application: JCye

Showcases JCye as an open source Java software meant for manipulating a Cye robot. Includes instructions in installing and using the software.

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