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Icon Programming Language

The Icon Programming Language

Describes Icon as a high-level language that is used for building and parsing data structures. Provides articles and tutorials for Icon text analysis, techniques, and further information.

The Icon Programming Language

Introduces Icon as a standard purpose programming language with a variety of features for generating data structures and character strings. Index of categories for discussion such as language information, documentation and implementations.

Icon Programming Language Handbook

Handbook of the Icon language that covers the basic instructions in compiling and running Icon programs. Includes information about the different types of generators.

Jcon: A Java-Based Icon Implementation

Considered as the latest Java-based implementation of the programming language Icon. Includes the system requirements, software, program library, and documentation all associated with Jcon.

Ulex: A Lexical Analyzer General for Unicon

Paper on the Ulex software tool that is used for building language processors. Discusses its operators, structures and example codes with descriptions.


Downloadable Unicon source code is accessible for Windows and Redhat Linux. Offers recent news about Unicon and other related programming languages.

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