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Haskell Programming Implementations

Computation Structures Group: pH

Features Haskell extension programming language. Includes background details, compiling techniques and issues, and advantages.

Data Field Haskell

Introduces the dialect as one that provides Haskell an illustration of data fields. Includes a online documentation of an experimental compiler for the dialect.


Provides the processes, examples, extensions and communication factors for the programming language. Offers downloadable source trees, trace library, packages and the latest versions of the language.

The Glasgow Haskell Computer

Supplies the newest downloadable releases of Glasgow for free. Gives out the definition of GHC and its important elements, functions and capabilities.

Gofer Archive

Collection of various releases of Gofer files with sample codes, manuals, and demonstrations available for download.

Hugs Archive

Compilation of various files concerning the Hugs functional programming system. Includes downloadable earlier releases of Hugs.

Hugs Online

Features frequently asked questions about Hugs 98 such as the correct name for Hugs, and the relationship between Hugs and Gofer. Each question is provided with answers and further explanations.

Kahu Research

Study of implementing non-strict evaluation and higher-rank types on the CLI compiler. Development of a grammar used by .NET and ASP.NET tools for the CodeDom language.


Details Haskell98-based standards-compliant compiler and its tools. Provides files and user manuals.

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