Functional Programming Languages in the Best of the Web Directory

Functional Programming Languages

  • AFNIX Programming Language

    Highlights multi-threaded functional programming language with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object-oriented paradigm.

  • Cayenne

    Explains uses of a functional language with a powerful type system like functions which includes products and sums.

  • CDuce

    Introduces a modern XML-oriented functional language with innovative features. Read on online documentation, examples, and features of the language.

  • CHARITY Home Page

    Scan for information about a categorical programming language currently being developed by The Charity Development Group based on the theory of strong categorical datatypes.

  • Eden: Parallel Functional Programming

    Explains features of a language which allows programmers to gain enough control to implement their parallel algorithms efficiently and at the same time frees them from the low level details of process management.

  • Packet Language For Active Networks

    In order to implement a working network packet programming, this language uses a form of remote procedure.

  • Pizza Compiler

    Tackles on an open source compiler made for a Java superset.

  • Q - Equational Programming Language

    Features a free software based on term rewriting.

  • The Unlambda Programming Language

    Presents a programming language suited for obscurity.

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