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Programming Functional Languages

defmacro: Functional Programming for the Rest of Us

Discusses history, definition, advantages, functions, evaluation and closures of the functional languages.

Frequently Asked Questions for comp.lang.functional

Answers queries on the aspects of the functional programming languages.

Functional Programming In The Real World

Lists applicable-to-real-world applications of functional programs.


Contains synopsis, FAQs, overview, library files, and related papers for functional programming language.


Programming language provides link examples, sources, and papers.

Linux Journal: The Rise of Functional Languages

Introduction on related mathematical concepts. With comments from readers.


Archives documents explaining the basic tasks of Monads.

Read Scheme

Collects documents related to functional programming. Site is maintained by Jim Bender.


Article on Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation, which is known as functional programming language proven by examples.

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