Fortran Source Codes for Physics in the Best of the Web Directory

Fortran Source Codes for Physics

  • Abinit

    Software calculates total energy, charge density, and electronic structure systems. Contains sources and binaries, FAQs, and tutorials.

  • Abteilung Andersen

    Consortium research on electronic structure computations in condensed matter. With archives of publications, activity descriptions, and program releases.

  • ASC Center for Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes

    Intends to provide thermonuclear flash solutions. Lists research groups, source code request, and documentations.

  • Atomic Physics

    Provides course outline and lecture and chapter notes with problem sets and answers.

  • Bergen Ocean Model

    Algebraic simulation tool contains user guide, source codes, and links to sites using the application.

  • Caesar Code Package

    Fortran 90-written physical development environment with manuals, articles and presentations, and source code listings.

  • CERN Program Library

    Contains sources, FAQs, documentations, and releases notes for physics research contributions.

  • Chemical Integration Software: ASAD

    Self-contained Atmospheric Chemistry Code is a Fortran 77-written application. With highlight descriptions, user manual, and downloading request form.

  • Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background

    Software supports adiabatic and isocurvature initial conditions. Includes highlight list, source code request, and ReadMe file.

  • Community Climate System Model

    Computer simulations for climates’ past, present, and future conditions. Provides code and file releases, documentations, experiment details, and publications.

  • Computational Quantum Dynamics

    Contains various numerical integration programs written in Fortran.

  • Coupled Ocean/Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System

    Worldwide numerical weather prediction technology provides documentation with Fortran-written sample run script.

  • CRAY T3E Parrallel Source Codes

    Compilation of scripts in Fortran 90 that employs CRAY-specific SHMEM routines.

  • Deuterium Gas

    Monte Carlo code in Fortran allows plasmas neutral transport study. With user guide, sources, and related links.

  • Discrete Dipole Approximation for Scattering and Absorption of Light

    Fortran software provides user guides, source codes, release history, and benchmark results.

  • Dynamo

    Fortran 90 module set for molecular system simulation. Contains documentations and sources, example program, and module listings.

  • Exiting FP-LAPW Code

    Full-potential linearized augmented-plane wave program with feature lists, manual, FAQs, and package release.

  • FITS Library Package

    Flexible Image Transport System software with ReadMe file and version releases.

  • Fortran 90 and HPF Programs

    Compilation of chapter-categorized codes based on Computational Physics book by Tao Pang.

  • Gastropod

    Routine library using Fortran 90 designed for radiative transfer computations. Includes installation instructions, documentations, and releases.

  • Goddard Institute for Space Studies: Tools

    Details and codes for various utilities in climate modeling, data visualization, radiation, planetary science, and astrophysics.

  • Horizon Technologies: Software Products

    Applications for fluid and material properties and superconductivity analysis. With specifications and pricing details.

  • Materials Algorithms Project

    Contains subroutines and sample programs in Fortran. With overview of libraries such as Steel, Nickel and Aluminum Alloys, Polymers, Crystallography, and Quantitative Metallography.

  • Minimum Time Orbit Transfer

    3-dimensional earth orbit transfer numerical solutions. With various software packages in Fortran and Matlab.

  • MM5 Community Model

    Simulation system software written in Fortran for mesoscal atmospheric circulation. Includes documentations, source codes, and FAQs.

  • Parton Distribution Functions

    Collection of unpolarized, polarized, diffractive, and pion details and codes in Fortran.

  • Quantum Monte Carlo Method

    One and multi-band models with theory descriptions, codes, and compiling instructions.

  • SourceForge: Delta Code

    Package release of Fortran 90 for non-linear aeroelastic solutions.

  • SourceForge: FreeSRS

    F77 library package release that computes acceleration time-history signal’s shock response spectrum.

  • SourceForge: OceanModel NetCDF Tools

    Package releases on writing standardized output utilities of Fortran.

  • SourceForge: Typhon

    Fortran 90-based Computational Fluid Dynamics package release for multi-physics solutions.

  • Spherepack

    Fortran program package assists geophysical process modeling. Contains subprogram and function details, code order form, and technical documentation.

  • T-matrix and Related Computer Codes

    Compilation of figures and Fortran programs named after The Simpsons cartoon characters.

  • Vanderbilt Ultra-Soft Pseudopotential

    Details distribution of pseudopotential generation code releases and documentations.

  • Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package

    Software allows quantum mechanical molecular dynamics. With user guide, file releases, and documentations in portable document format.

  • Werner Krauth

    Contains Fortran-written codes, publications and papers for Physics course.

  • Whizard

    Multi-particle process generator provides source releases, installation methods, and manual.

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