Fortran Optimization Source Codes in the Best of the Web Directory

Fortran Optimization Source Codes

Chih-Jen Lin and Jorge Moré: TRON

Bound-constrained optimization solution contains package release and installation instructions.


Binary quadratic program solutions package in Fortran 90. Includes release notes, installation steps, source releases, and related document.


Constrained and Unconstrained Testing Environment designed for linear algebra solver optimization. Provides source files, documentations, test set, and project descriptions.

Dimitri Bertsekas: Network Optimization Codes

Collection of sources like Relax4, Auction, and Epsilon-Relaxation method using Fortran programming language.

Fortran Genetic Algorithm Driver

Defines search optimization technique with tips and pointers, ReadMe file, and source codes.


Library of optimization routines, problems, and testing environment solvers with descriptions, codes, and documentations.

Quadratic Assignment Problem Library

Combinatorial optimization provides collection of source codes in Fortran programming language.

Stanford Business Software Inc

Company distributes optimization software designed for linear and quadratic solutions.

Trustable Algorithms for Nonlinear General Optimization

Provides method, application, and test problem details and codes in Fortran.

Windward Technologies, Inc.

Offers visualization and numerical software technologies. With product details, manuals, and examples.

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