Fortran Optimization Source Codes in the Best of the Web Directory

Fortran Optimization Source Codes

  • Chih-Jen Lin and Jorge Moré: TRON

    Bound-constrained optimization solution contains package release and installation instructions.

  • CirCut

    Binary quadratic program solutions package in Fortran 90. Includes release notes, installation steps, source releases, and related document.

  • CUTEr

    Constrained and Unconstrained Testing Environment designed for linear algebra solver optimization. Provides source files, documentations, test set, and project descriptions.

  • Dimitri Bertsekas: Network Optimization Codes

    Collection of sources like Relax4, Auction, and Epsilon-Relaxation method using Fortran programming language.

  • Galahad

    Set of packages such as Lancelot B, Filtrane, QPA, QPB, and Presolve in Fortran 90 intended for non-linear optimization problem fixes. Includes documentations, source code request, and related links.

  • ModulOpt

    Library of optimization routines, problems, and testing environment solvers with descriptions, codes, and documentations.

  • Stanford Business Software Inc

    Company distributes optimization software designed for linear and quadratic solutions.

  • Trustable Algorithms for Nonlinear General Optimization

    Provides method, application, and test problem details and codes in Fortran.

  • Windward Technologies, Inc.

    Offers visualization and numerical software technologies. With product details, manuals, and examples.

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