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Listings found in this category consist of Fortran programming source code. Source code listings include those for chemistry, graphics, increasing precision, linear algebra, optimization, physics, differential equations, special functions and statistics and econometrics.
  • ABEMFull

    Presents manual and demo software with subroutines and test programs on Boundary Element Method in Acoustics.


    Fortran90 library which has tabulated values that define Alpert quadrature rules of a number of orders of accuracy for functions that are regular, log singular, or power singular.

  • BluPF90 Family of Programs

    Compilation of modules and application documentations, with source and sample codes and descriptions.

  • CamFort

    An open-source automatic refactoring tool for upgrading Fortran source code.

  • Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations

    Contains list of procedures, algorithm and sample problem source codes, and library change notes from Forsythe and Malcolm's textbook.

  • Curvilinear Orthogonal Grid Generation

    Grid builder program provides figures, version releases, and documentation.

  • Dan Powers: Fortran

    Compilation of subroutine and optimization algorithm source codes with commentaries.


    Program for atomic and molecular direct iterative relativistic all-electron calculations.

  • Ernesto Martin

    Source code compilation for algorithms and random generator networks written in Fortran programming language.

  • f90gl

    Graphics library for Fortran 90 includes documentations, releases and examples.

  • Federal Communications Commissions: ColorIt

    Generator converts hexadecimal numbers into Hypertext Markup language color codes. Includes program sample and source.

  • Fortran

    Collection of source codes for programming language’s applications, functions and subroutines. Includes brief descriptions.

  • Fortran 2003 Command Line Interface

    Implementation contains routines such as command_argument_count, get_commandargument, and get_command with source files and changelog.

  • ForTran 77 Codes

    Program scripts and summaries for Testing Predictive Maps, Climate Data and Soil Profile Analysis, and Mowing Window Regression.

  • FORTRAN 77 Language Reference

    Describes the data types in Sun FORTRAN 77.

  • Fortran 90+

    Provides numerous source codes for running vectors, matrices, and dimensional arrays. Contains documentations and related links.

  • Fortran External Data Representation

    Description of library routines’ usage and functionalities, notes, and change version with source code.

  • Fotran Programs

    Listing of several programming language code examples with brief descriptions.

  • Garnatz and Grovender Inc.

    Contains resources for Fortran language including consultancy, training, and numerous shareware source files.

  • High Performance Finite Elements

    Software program packages in Fortran includes Feat2D/Feat3D, FeatFlow and Feast. With documentations, descriptions and benchmark releases.

  • History of FORTRAN and FORTRAN II

    Project to preserve source code, design documents, and other materials concerning the original IBM 704 FORTRAN/FORTRAN II compiler.

  • Introduction to Wavelets

    Provides codes and figures for wavelet decomposition and reconstruction.

  • John E. Mitchell: Problem Generators

    Solution codes in Fortran for linear ordering, clustering, and realignment.

  • KZKTexas

    Develops fluid axisymmetric sound beams. With source codes, simulation output details, and reference document.

  • Lahey: Fortran Code Repository

    List of contributed scripts with short descriptions written in the programming language.

  • Multiple Precision Computation

    Compilation of related documents and source codes for arithmetic and functions.

  • NAS Parallel Benchmarks

    Program aids in parallel supercomputer performance evaluation. With specifications, reference documents and result reports.

  • Nijenhuis and Wilf: Combinatorial Algorithms

    Features book for building permutation, partition, and subset combinatorial objects. Includes ReadMe file, releases, and source codes.

  • NN-OnLine: XML

    Tool in writing modules reads XML using Fortran 95. Consists of source codes and package releases.

  • Public Domain Aeronautical Software

    Offers programs intended for airplane designers, engineers, and technicians. With FAQs and bug list.

  • Software by P.B. Stark and Collaborators

    Listing of Fotran-written programs includes codes and descriptions.

  • SourceForge: LibXML2F90

    Version releases of Extensible Markup Language parser designed for Fortran programming language.

  • SourceForge: xml-fortran

    Version release of project that allows library transfer.

  • SPAG – Re-engineering Fortran Source Code

    Restructuring tool that can unscramble spaghetti Fortran 66 or Fortran 77 code, and convert it to modern structured Fortran 95.

  • StopWatch

    Fortran 90-written module measures program segment execution time. Includes documentations, source files, and examples.

  • Tiberius Data Mining: Fortran

    Collection of MLP Backprop source codes from Fortran, PHP, Perl, Java, and C/C++ programming languages.

  • TIDY - Organize Fortran Source Code

    Program renumbers and otherwise cleans up old and tired FORTRAN source programs.

  • Winteracter

    GUI toolset for the Fortran 90/95 programming language. It consists of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library.

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