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Fortran Programming Source Code

  • ABEMFull

    Presents manual and demo software with subroutines and test programs on Boundary Element Method in Acoustics.

  • Algorithms and Data Structures in F and Fortran

    Contains textbook’s summary, table of contents, and program releases.


    Fortran90 library which has tabulated values that define Alpert quadrature rules of a number of orders of accuracy for functions that are regular, log singular, or power singular.

  • BluPF90 Family of Programs

    Compilation of modules and application documentations, with source and sample codes and descriptions.

  • CamFort

    An open-source automatic refactoring tool for upgrading Fortran source code.

  • Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations

    Contains list of procedures, algorithm and sample problem source codes, and library change notes from Forsythe and Malcolm's textbook.

  • Curvilinear Orthogonal Grid Generation

    Grid builder program provides figures, version releases, and documentation.

  • Dan Powers: Fortran

    Compilation of subroutine and optimization algorithm source codes with commentaries.


    Program for atomic and molecular direct iterative relativistic all-electron calculations.

  • Ernesto Martin

    Source code compilation for algorithms and random generator networks written in Fortran programming language.

  • F Program Examples

    Index of program codes for programming language's demonstrations and highlights.

  • f90gl

    Graphics library for Fortran 90 includes documentations, releases and examples.

  • Federal Communications Commissions: ColorIt

    Generator converts hexadecimal numbers into Hypertext Markup language color codes. Includes program sample and source.

  • Fortran

    Collection of source codes for programming language’s applications, functions and subroutines. Includes brief descriptions.

  • Fortran 2003 Command Line Interface

    Implementation contains routines such as command_argument_count, get_commandargument, and get_command with source files and changelog.

  • ForTran 77 Codes

    Program scripts and summaries for Testing Predictive Maps, Climate Data and Soil Profile Analysis, and Mowing Window Regression.

  • FORTRAN 77 Language Reference

    Describes the data types in Sun FORTRAN 77.

  • Fortran 90 Standards

    European standards for writing and documenting exchangeable Fortran 90 code.

  • Fortran 90+

    Provides numerous source codes for running vectors, matrices, and dimensional arrays. Contains documentations and related links.

  • Fortran External Data Representation

    Description of library routines’ usage and functionalities, notes, and change version with source code.

  • Fotran Programs

    Listing of several programming language code examples with brief descriptions.

  • Garnatz and Grovender Inc.

    Contains resources for Fortran language including consultancy, training, and numerous shareware source files.

  • High Performance Finite Elements

    Software program packages in Fortran includes Feat2D/Feat3D, FeatFlow and Feast. With documentations, descriptions and benchmark releases.

  • History of FORTRAN and FORTRAN II

    Project to preserve source code, design documents, and other materials concerning the original IBM 704 FORTRAN/FORTRAN II compiler.

  • Introduction to Wavelets

    Provides codes and figures for wavelet decomposition and reconstruction.

  • John E. Mitchell: Problem Generators

    Solution codes in Fortran for linear ordering, clustering, and realignment.

  • KZKTexas

    Develops fluid axisymmetric sound beams. With source codes, simulation output details, and reference document.

  • Lahey: Fortran Code Repository

    List of contributed scripts with short descriptions written in the programming language.

  • Math 4142 Assignment

    Linear system and finite difference methods source codes in Fortran and C language.

  • Moisture Content Adjustment Program

    Software calculates property dimension lumber in moisture content. Includes Fortran-written source code.

  • Multiple Precision Computation

    Compilation of related documents and source codes for arithmetic and functions.

  • NAS Parallel Benchmarks

    Program aids in parallel supercomputer performance evaluation. With specifications, reference documents and result reports.

  • NN-OnLine: XML

    Tool in writing modules reads XML using Fortran 95. Consists of source codes and package releases.

  • Public Domain Aeronautical Software

    Offers programs intended for airplane designers, engineers, and technicians. With FAQs and bug list.

  • Software by P.B. Stark and Collaborators

    Listing of Fotran-written programs includes codes and descriptions.

  • SourceForge: LibXML2F90

    Version releases of Extensible Markup Language parser designed for Fortran programming language.

  • SourceForge: xml-fortran

    Version release of project that allows library transfer.

  • SPAG – Re-engineering Fortran Source Code

    Restructuring tool that can unscramble spaghetti Fortran 66 or Fortran 77 code, and convert it to modern structured Fortran 95.

  • StopWatch

    Fortran 90-written module measures program segment execution time. Includes documentations, source files, and examples.

  • Tiberius Data Mining: Fortran

    Collection of MLP Backprop source codes from Fortran, PHP, Perl, Java, and C/C++ programming languages.

  • TIDY - Organize Fortran Source Code

    Program renumbers and otherwise cleans up old and tired FORTRAN source programs.

  • Winteracter

    GUI toolset for the Fortran 90/95 programming language. It consists of various visual development tools and a substantial subroutine library.

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