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Find listings contained in this category for Fortran libraries, including libraries for creating graphics.
  • Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms

    Contains FAQs, reference implementation, releases and related documentations on BLAS.

  • FGSL: A Fortran Interface to the GNU Specific Library

    Contains version releases and ReadMe file for object-based numerical routine collection of scientific computations.

  • Flibs

    Compilation of Fortran modules with references and intent descriptions. Includes related article on quantum.f90.

  • FORTRAN 90 Numerical Library

    Documentation and release of module set with various numerical tasks.


    Library builds graphical user interface applications for Windows. With feature and widget lists and screenshots.

  • Interactive Software Services Ltd.

    Company specializes in graphical user interfaces written in Fortran, which include Winteracter, Interacter, and F2KCLI.

  • Itpack

    Large sparse linear systems solutions consists of source codes, reference guide, testing routines and programs, and user’s guides.

  • MicroGlyph Systems

    Offered product includes Serial Communication, Graphics Plot, and Network Sockets Libraries, with details, manuals, and diagrams.

  • NCAR’s Mathematical and Statistical Libraries

    Collection of packages for technical computing, fast fouriers transforms, and separable elliptic PDE’s. With descriptions, source codes, and documentations.

  • Richard E. Quandt

    Features GQPT toolkit of numerical optimization, statistical and utility routines based on Fortran programming language. Also offers consultancy and handbooks.

  • SourceForge: Platform Independent Library for Fortran

    Version release of toolset that builds graphical user interfaces.

  • TRNSYS Information

    Transient Energy System Simulation tool provides training courses and component libraries, with descriptions and price lists.

  • Xeffort

    Software library uses Visual Fortran to generate graphical user interface applications. Provides releases and notes, sample versions, and installation steps.

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