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Java Expressions

Class of the Month: JDK 1.4 Supports Regular Expressions

Provides Java functionality, which allows for matching strings on regular expressions, as well as applying pattern sequencing and replacement for certain regular expression sets.

Jakarta Oro

Offers java classes that create a functional structure for Perl-5 regular expression applications.

Jakarta Regexp

An information resource on Java Regular Expressions, in use for Apache Software technologies.


Uses Perl 5.6 syntax, and runs a free and portable application environment for multiple or extended libraries.

Regular Expression in Java

Contains tutorial report on Regular Expression versions. Includes articles resources, FAQs and lists of application.

Regular Expressions-Java Tutorial

Offers lessons on Regular Expression pattern matching. Contains syntax techniques, exercises and details about class functions.

Simple Java Regular Expression Parser and Recognizer

An applet which allows simple searching and look-up for code strings.

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