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12 Reasons to Learn and Use Regular Expressions

An article on the use of regular expressions for advanced programming.

4GuysFromRolla: Stripping HTML Tags using Regular Expressions

Shows stripping of hypertext markup language tags. With code examples and live demos.

4GuysFromRolla: Utilizing Regular Expression SubMatches

Article on regular expression’s features, demo files and sample code.

4GuysFromRolla: Utilizing Regular Expressions

Covers regular expression’s several aspects. With code example and symbol descriptions.

An Introduction to Regular Expression with VBScript

A discussion on the use of regular expressions on scripting languages, especially VBScript.

Common Applications of Regular Expressions

Defines Expressions, and explains the field data syntax of regular expressions, the common challenges of regular expressions, as well as validating password formats for regular experessions.

JRX: real-time JavaScript RegExp evaluator v1.1b3

An evaluation tool for the Javascript Regular Expressions.

O’Reilly: C# Regular Expressions

Covers classes and methods, examples, and expressions for applications using the language.

PCRE Workbench

Features information about the tools designed for developing regular expressions, using Philip Hazel's PCRE Library.

PCRE Wrapper for Delphi 7

Implements the PCRE as a DLL, self-containing it for modification to be able to run under Delphi 7.


Collection of contributed regular expressions with short descriptions.

Regex Coach

Features information on the Regex Coach tool, available on Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux platforms, for experimentingg on Interactive Regular Expressions.


A tool for evaluating, searching and replacing text on regular expressions.


A tool to efficiently improve coding development with regular expressions.


Contains regular expression writing and visual matching function. Includes news, status details and compilation resources.

RegExpr for VB & VBA

Provides explanation about regular expressions and the implementations using VB and VBA.

Regular Expression Resource Area

Contains language and platform tutorials, testing tool resources, library categories and article details.

Regular Expression Tester

A regular expression tester, with forms for pattern and haystack checking.

Script Using MS-XMLHTTP Object and Regular Expression

Presents an article review on regular expressions utilized in the Microsoft XMLHTTP component.


Contains instructions on regular expression string matching.

Visual RedExp

Contains software’s screen images, ReadMe file, releases, code sample, changelog, and tutorial.

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