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Erlang Programming Applications

Bluetail Ticket Tracker(BTT)

A system for creating, storing and keeping track of tickets.

Chat Server

Features information on the nine modules on Erlang chat servers.

Eddie Mission

A high availability clustering tool. It is an open source, 100% software solution written primarily in the functional programming language Erlang and is available for Solaris, Linux and *BSD platforms. Site features information product support, documentation and download instructions.

Erlide: The Erlang IDE

Details on the latest versions: 0.3.22, site includes information on the features, software documentation and download.


An Erlang written IRC bot and possibly an IRC client.


An open-source GPL project intended to implement a complete environment for the support of the WAP standard in Erlang.

SourceForge: Ipfcontrol

A distributed management solution for security module (firewall, nids). Security module can be packet-filtering, for example, ipfw, netfilter, ipf, NIDS or any other servers or embedded devices.

SourceForge: Skiwiki

A wiki server enabling the public to edit not just the text pages, but the programming behind them. The prototype is written in Erlang with a built-in Scheme interpreter to run user's code.

Wings 3D

A subdivision model inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware. Links to the 3d community and programming sites.


A HTTP high performance 1.1 web server particularly well suited for dynamic-content web applications. Page contains simple code samples, forms and dynamic contents.

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