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Eiffel Programming Libraries

  • Eiffel Fox

    An Eiffel language wrapper for the Fox GUI library. Site features information on licensing, and other support compilers for Unix and Win32.

  • Eiffel OpenGL

    An open source project that aims to develop a complete Eiffel binding for OpenGL. Page contains software documents, application downloads, sample codes and answers to FAQs.

  • Eiffel RSS

    A RSS API for Eiffel and a library to parse and write RSS.

  • eInteractive

    A software component library that address the specific needs of interactive applications.

  • elj Project

    An open source project to facilitate the development of open-source libraries and applications for SmartEiffel and ISE Eiffel developers. Links to other related projects.

  • elj Project

    Open source libraries and applications.

  • ePalm

    A modified SmallEiffel runtime and library to program PalmOS devices using Eiffel, a pure Object-Oriented programming language with many desirable features. Site displays information on basic controls, table demo, and other functionalities.

  • e-POSIX

    The complete Eiffel to POSIX binding. Also includes information on the features, download, new releases and support systems.

  • eXML

    A XML 1.0 parser for Eiffel based on expat. Software download, system requirements, installation and documentation.

  • Nenie XML

    An XML parser and support library, fully written in Eiffel and aims portability with compilers.

  • Project Goanna

    Provides a web services library for Eiffel.

  • SourceForge: Slyboots

    Information on the project history, its functionalities and other specification.

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