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Constraint Programming Languages

A Differential Approach to Graphical Interaction

A thesis on the functionality of the numerical constraint solving for graphical interface systems handling.


A constraint programming system which utilizes java library units for constraint programming, constraint satisfaction problems and explanation-based constraint solving.


Contains documentations on the explanation-based constraint programming.

Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction

A general challenge for systems to arrive at a set of variables that can resolve a given set of constraints. This is the fundametal platform of artificial interlligence fields.


Generic constraint development environment with feature descriptions, documentation, releases, changelog, and research papers.

IAsolver 0.1Beta1

Sets allowable constraints and source codes, for the IAsolver applet. A pop-up window set within the page to allow for computations of arithmetic constraints.

ILOG Constraint Programming

Product module includes Solver, Scheduler, and Dispatcher, with Mathematical and Constraint programming comparison.

Natural Programming

Collection of projects includes screenshots on the development of environment designs, methods, and principles.

Omega Project

Research includes components that manipulate affine constraints, and analyzes and transforms programs.

Online Guide to Constraint Programming

Tutorial covers FAQs, benefits and problems with example codes.


Optimizes combinatorial problems with fuzzy constraints. Provides library map overview, documentations, screenshot, and related publications.

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