Concurrent Programming Languages in the Best of the Web Directory

Concurrent Programming Languages

  • ChucK

    Audio programming language that presents a time-based concurrent programming model. Provides online tutorial with examples and other language documentation.

  • Comega

    Research programming language that features a preview of the Comega compiler. Includes online documentation such as the modern concurrency abstractions for C# and essence of data access.

  • The Esterel Language

    Programming language and compiler that generates C-codes and hardware. Allows documentation and other related papers for downloading.

  • Joule: The Great Synthesis

    Index of available postscript files of the Juole manual including its foundations, examples, models, syntax, language definition, and other elements of the language.

  • LoI Reference Manual

    Documentation on the coordination language called Language of Interaction. Features the LoI’s notation, lexical conventions, structure of modules, datatypes and expressions, statements and other aspects of the language.

  • NesC

    List of authors and professors with detailed profiles and references for each. Presents nesC as an extension to the C programming language including the basic concepts behind it.

  • Petri Nets World

    Contains the latest news and announcements over the Petri Nets community. Offers information on applications such as tools and software that support Petri Nets.

  • SourceForge

    Short description on the Linda library implementation of Linda parallel programming system. Offers free download of the language.

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