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Programming Languages Comparison and Review

A Comparative Overview of C#

An article which focuses on describing the issues behind the C programming language, and it's comparative functionality with other programming schemes.

Accumulator Generator

Gathers details on canonical solutions to programming challenges, with presentations on how several programming languages could arrive at the same results, using various methodologies.

Ada 95, Java, and C++

Focuses on comparing the Ada 95 programming language with Java and C++. Shows an abstract comparison of the language functionality and application.

C# From A Java Developer's Perspective

Features information regarding comparisons on the C# programming language and the Java language system.

C# Help: Java and C-Sharp Compared

Discusses difference on the programming languages in terms of programs, inheritance, main method, exception handling, and multi-threading.

C++ vs Java vs Python vs Ruby

Provides details on the comparisons of the C++ programming language, with Java, Python, as well as Ruby.

Case Against C

An overview on the C language flaws, as well as it's comparative outlook with other programming languages.

Comparison of Oberon-2 with Modula-2

Presents an overview on the implementations of the two programming languages, their subranges, enumerations, as well as level of simplicity.

Comparisons of TCL with other Systems

Facilitates articles on contrasting several languages against each other.

Cybercomm: Programming

Details on different databases, programming, markup, and scripting languages. Includes code listings.

D Programming Language

Features information on the D coding language, program functionality, standard libraries, extensions, as well as comparative overview with other types of programming languages.

Dennie Van Tassel

Contains articles accounting the history of computer languages and at the same identifying each one’s qualities.

Eiffel and Delphi Compared

Highlights the attributes of Delphi against that of the Eiffel language.

Eiffel Software: Object-Oriented Language Comparisons

Tables assesses Eiffel, C++, C#, Smalltalk and Java programming technologies based on static typing, design, compilation, code generation efficiency, and automatic documentation.

Forth Versus C

Presents queries related to the contrasting qualities of Forth and C language.

Reference of various functions used in programming languages includes C, PHP, Assembler, Pascal, Perl, Ruby, Python, SQL, and MatLab.

Inventio Software

Explains the role of language in relation to the design and creation of the application.

Java vs. C#

Compares the two languages based on array type, instance, constructor, operators, and string codes.

Lisp as an Alternative to Java

Source code version of Lisp from Java programming language includes notes.


Provides language study slide presentations, diagram and histories, contest figures, and code examples.

Programming Language Comparison

Evaluation table of programming languages in terms of object-orientation, generic classes, reflection, garbage collection, access control, and regular expressions.

Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook

Reference for different languages inlcludes source codes, FAQs, and project updates.

Programming Languages mini-HowTo

Outline of contents covers comparison of Linux-based languages in creating GUIs.

Resources for Ada

Presents an overview on the Ada programming language, in comparison to the Java and C++ schema over the WWW interace.

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