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Programming Languages Comparison and Review

  • A Comparative Overview of C#

    An article which focuses on describing the issues behind the C programming language, and it's comparative functionality with other programming schemes.

  • Accumulator Generator

    Gathers details on canonical solutions to programming challenges, with presentations on how several programming languages could arrive at the same results, using various methodologies.

  • C# From A Java Developer's Perspective

    Features information regarding comparisons on the C# programming language and the Java language system.

  • C# Help: Java and C-Sharp Compared

    Discusses difference on the programming languages in terms of programs, inheritance, main method, exception handling, and multi-threading.

  • Case Against C

    An overview on the C language flaws, as well as it's comparative outlook with other programming languages.

  • Comparison of Oberon-2 with Modula-2

    Presents an overview on the implementations of the two programming languages, their subranges, enumerations, as well as level of simplicity.

  • Comparisons of TCL with other Systems

    Facilitates articles on contrasting several languages against each other.

  • D Programming Language

    Features information on the D coding language, program functionality, standard libraries, extensions, as well as comparative overview with other types of programming languages.

  • Dennie Van Tassel

    Contains articles accounting the history of computer languages and at the same identifying each one’s qualities.

  • Eiffel and Delphi Compared

    Highlights the attributes of Delphi against that of the Eiffel language.

  • Eiffel Software: Object-Oriented Language Comparisons

    Tables assesses Eiffel, C++, C#, Smalltalk and Java programming technologies based on static typing, design, compilation, code generation efficiency, and automatic documentation.

  • Forth Versus C

    Presents queries related to the contrasting qualities of Forth and C language.

  • Inventio Software

    Explains the role of language in relation to the design and creation of the application.

  • Java vs. C#

    Compares the two languages based on array type, instance, constructor, operators, and string codes.

  • Lisp as an Alternative to Java

    Source code version of Lisp from Java programming language includes notes.

  • Pixel

    Provides language study slide presentations, diagram and histories, contest figures, and code examples.

  • Programming Language Comparison

    Evaluation table of programming languages in terms of object-orientation, generic classes, reflection, garbage collection, access control, and regular expressions.

  • Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook

    Reference for different languages inlcludes source codes, FAQs, and project updates.

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