COBOL Software Development Services in the Best of the Web Directory

COBOL Software Development Services

  • Acucorp

    Develops software that integrates COBOL-based applications.

  • C-Cubed Inc.

    Offering a way to reuse existing legacy systems and business logic from new Internet-based, or client-server, application, the company site allows the user to find downloads, support, and contact details.

  • LegacyJ Software

    Tools bring together the capabilities of COBOL and Java technology with the flexibility of Java for Client/Server and Web applications.

  • Lemo Cobol Development Tool

    IDE for Cobol developers. It supports project management, syntax highlighting, source navigation, code auto completion, syntax analysis.

  • Liant Software Corporation

    Provides RM/COBOL, as well as the Relativity COBOL data access product, the Cobol-WOW GUI application builder and many other COBOL application development tools.

  • Lion Developer

    Replacing Unisys COBOL or LINC/EAE code and develop in an open environment with any database.

  • SoftwareMining

    Tools and services for Business Rule extraction from COBOL and CA-IDEAL code, translation of COBOL and COOL:Gen to Java or C#, COBOL rehosting and refactoring, and HTML documentation of existing code.

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