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Find listings of commercial COBOL programming products and services, including software development, XML, training and other resources.
  • Advanced Debugging System for CICS

    Operates by menus, action codes, and free-form commands and debugs at both the source and object levels. It supports all OS/390(MVS) and VSE versions of CICS, and Assembler, PL/1, C/370 and all versions of COBOL.

  • Cobol Access Plus

    Gateway between Cobol applications and database technology for Unix and Windows systems by RLDT.

  • COBOL Gold Mine at ILS International

    Experts on Cobol migrations and conversions provide various resources on the subject including advanced Cobol technologies, training, support, and consulting services.

  • COBOL Report Writer

    Introduction, Tutorial and Reference for COBOL's report writer feature (including latest developments) plus assistance and information for users of SPC Systems' software.

  • CyberMetrics

    PowerStructure COBOL flowchart and structure chart tool generates structure charts from COBOL source automatically. Educates about the COBOL program logic, flow diagrams, and flowcharts.

  • Flexus COBOL Page

    Automatically migrate existing COBOL screen definitions to Windows or open systems. Flexus offers user interface conversion tools and services for COBOL programmers.

  • Fujitsu NetCOBOL

    COBOL compilers for Windows, .NET, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux along with Mainframe migration tools.

  • Group3Developments

    Migration specialists from the Unisys CTOS operating system to Windows. ConneCT-OS is a series of tools and products that will take legacy COBOL programs up to Windows/Unix.

  • Micro Focus

    Offering a scalable suite of COBOL development environments for the effective integration, extension, development and deployment of enterprise applications.

  • RainCode

    Quality control and assessment tool that can take virtually any COBOL code available today, measure it against sophisticated user-defined compliance rules, and even perform automated patches on the source code.

  • TANDEM To ANSI C Conversion Suite

    AEI's complete TANDEM SCOBOL, COBOL-85, and TAL to ANSI C conversion automation tool.

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