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COBOL Commercial Products and Services

Advanced Debugging System for CICS

Operates by menus, action codes, and free-form commands and debugs at both the source and object levels. It supports all OS/390(MVS) and VSE versions of CICS, and Assembler, PL/1, C/370 and all versions of COBOL.

Cobol Access Plus

Gateway between Cobol applications and database technology for Unix and Windows systems by RLDT.


PowerStructure COBOL flowchart and structure chart tool generates structure charts from COBOL source automatically. Educates about the COBOL program logic, flow diagrams, and flowcharts.

Flexus COBOL Page

Automatically migrate existing COBOL screen definitions to Windows or open systems. Flexus offers user interface conversion tools and services for COBOL programmers.

Fujitsu NetCOBOL

COBOL compilers for Windows, .NET, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux along with Mainframe migration tools.


Migration specialists from the Unisys CTOS operating system to Windows. ConneCT-OS is a series of tools and products that will take legacy COBOL programs up to Windows/Unix.


Quality control and assessment tool that can take virtually any COBOL code available today, measure it against sophisticated user-defined compliance rules, and even perform automated patches on the source code.

TANDEM To ANSI C Conversion Suite

AEI's complete TANDEM SCOBOL, COBOL-85, and TAL to ANSI C conversion automation tool.

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