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  • Better String Library

    Shows C string library for C program manipulation. Includes example resources, documentation reference and FAQs.

  • FFTW

    Free C library for computing FFT in multiple dimensions, of both real and complex data, and of arbitrary input sizes. .

  • GNU Scientific Library

    Details a numerical library on C related programming. Includes manual reference, platform lists and contact information.

  • Hofmann-Software Engineering International

    Features a portable library for date and time calculations. Includes application lists, order details and contact information.

  • Jclassinfo

    Provides information about Java class files and program implementations. Includes documentation reference and summary details.

  • Libspopc

    Shows mail client library program. Includes resources on programming interface, source codes and related client library.

  • Math A La Carte

    Offers resources on software related to mathematical functions. Includes registration details, software lists and contact information.

  • Media Analysis Library

    Presents an open source C library for media analysis, motion analyzing, movie architecture, and media authoring. Also contains news and application resources.

  • Oberhumer

    Contains news, FAQs, documentation resources, speed details and library facts.

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