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Listings found in this category relate to C++ programming class libraries.
  • Code Cogs

    Scientific library with open source of science, mathematics, engineering and finance. Includes collection of contributions of member programmers of the site.

  • Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

    Gives tested geometric algorithms for academic or industrial purposes in Cpp format.

  • Fox Toolkit

    Collection of platforms with a tool that may be used for 3D obects.

  • GNU Aspell

    Open source library that focuses on checking spellings and providing suggestions of replacement for misspelled words.

  • InteLib

    Cpp class library that allows programmers to do lisp programming in a Cpp environment.

  • Object Oriented Template Library for Cpp

    Free all-purpose Cpp library developed by famous Cpp author Christopher Doggins.

  • Professional Cpp CGI Development Libraries

    Reservoir of open source core libraries to provide the information about CGI applications that programmers need.

  • S11n.net

    Open Source core library specializes on object serialization or persistence in Cpp language.

  • Script Plus Plus Library

    Repository of various Cpp classes specializing on string classes.

  • Sourceforge

    Source of many usable libraries for use of web programmers.

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