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Assembly Programming Languages

  • 8051 Macro Assembler

    Offers a two-pass macro assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers, it is running on th PC under MS-DOS, windows and Linux.

  • 8051 Microprocessor

    Displays an 8051 microprocessor sample program.

  • Anywherebb

    Tackles Low-level Interface Over Language for Extremely Universal Machine-coding, provides chat room and some relevant links.

  • Assembler for Dummies

    Beginner’s resource of tutorials, article, and related files and links on programming language.


    Lists resources for Assembly language.

  • Atariarchives

    Shows the viewer details about Machine Language for beginners, how to build a program and 6502 processor addressing.

  • Bixoft

    Gives benefits of using Assembly language in creating a program.

  • CPU Specific Languages: Assembly Languages

    Contains links collection about assemblers, interpreters, and simulators.

  • FreeBSD Assembly Language Programming

    Tutorial for building Assembly-written Unix programs under FreeBSD. Includes code examples for illustration.

  • Linux Assembly

    Exhibits resources for Linux Assembly, actual programs written in assembly language, and tutorials.

  • Macroassembler AS

    Displays portable macro cross assembler for a variety of microprocessors and controllers, list of currently supported target processors and full user's manual of AS available English or German version.

  • S12x

    Depicts information on a resource for HCS12/HCS12X (9S12/9S12X) developers, feature information related to projects that are being developed with the HCS12 and HCS12X microcontrollers, as well as reviews.

  • Tek-Tips: Assembly Forum

    Bulletin board for users and programmers who share interest and knowledge on the language.

  • TMS9900 Assembler Macro Library for Controller Programs

    Documentation on writing programs especially on elementary Boolean and input/output functions, and timer and elementary function blocks.

  • Typed Assembly Language

    Shows extensions of untyped assembly languages with a set of typing rules that helps in the safety protection and memory protection pf TAL Programs.


    Features a meta assembler with high level optimising code generation capabilities, powerful built-in macro processing facilities and information on features powerful built-in macro processing facilities.

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