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Assembly Programming Languages

8051 Macro Assembler

Offers a two-pass macro assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers, it is running on th PC under MS-DOS, windows and Linux.

8051 Microprocessor

Displays an 8051 microprocessor sample program.


Tackles Low-level Interface Over Language for Extremely Universal Machine-coding, provides chat room and some relevant links.

Arm Assembler

Presents information regarding the programming tips and tricks, debugging, and programming tutorial.

Assembler for Dummies

Beginner’s resource of tutorials, article, and related files and links on programming language.

Assembly HowTO

Created by Konstatntin Boldyshev, site includes user philosophy, tips and systems generator.


Shows the viewer details about Machine Language for beginners, how to build a program and 6502 processor addressing.


Gives benefits of using Assembly language in creating a program.

CPU Specific Languages: Assembly Languages

Contains links collection about assemblers, interpreters, and simulators.

FreeBSD Assembly Language Programming

Tutorial for building Assembly-written Unix programs under FreeBSD. Includes code examples for illustration.

Linux Assembly

Exhibits resources for Linux Assembly, actual programs written in assembly language, and tutorials.

Macroassembler AS

Displays portable macro cross assembler for a variety of microprocessors and controllers, list of currently supported target processors and full user's manual of AS available English or German version.


Descriptions of 6502 and Nintendo Gameboy microprocessors written in Assembly programming language, with source codes and files.

Programmers Heaven

Provides detailed listings about x86 programming source code, development tools, articles and tutorials.


Depicts information on a resource for HCS12/HCS12X (9S12/9S12X) developers, feature information related to projects that are being developed with the HCS12 and HCS12X microcontrollers, as well as reviews.

Tek-Tips: Assembly Forum

Bulletin board for users and programmers who share interest and knowledge on the language.

TMS9900 Assembler Macro Library for Controller Programs

Documentation on writing programs especially on elementary Boolean and input/output functions, and timer and elementary function blocks.


Features a meta assembler with high level optimising code generation capabilities, powerful built-in macro processing facilities and information on features powerful built-in macro processing facilities.

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