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Listings found in this category pertain to the Algol 68 programming language.
  • 99 Bottles of Beer

    Contains the collection of song 99 bottles of beer programmed in different programming languages, represented in different programming languages and variations.

  • Algol 68 for Trees

    Contains the information about the used of binary tree programmed in Algol 68 and a tree structured reference system to the local definitions of Algol 68 syntactic elements.

  • Algol 68 Genie

    Contains the general purpose of programming languages that is beautiful means for denoting algorithm.

  • Algol 68 programming

    Provides the general information about Algol 68 programming language and various resource and references.

  • Algol68

    Displays the complex language for writing medium sized applications and information about the Algol 68.

  • Algol-68 to C

    Contains a Ctrans portable in Algol 68 compilation system that allows Algol 68 programs to be compiled and run on most systems for which and ANSI C Compiler is available.

  • Mor79a

    Displays the information and designs of high level languages and complexity.

  • Programming Denotational Semantics II

    Contains the denotational semantics of small programming languages is coded into Algol 68 to give an interpreter.

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