Ada Bindings and Libraries in the Best of the Web Directory

Ada Bindings and Libraries

  • Ada Interface to Lego Mindstorms

    Provides source codes, images, and diagram for interface used on Computer Science education in the Air Force Academy.

  • Ada Structured Library

    Features the current version 1.4 with calendar package, refcounting pointers, and reworked the string tokenizer, abstract i/o, telnet processor, security interface, string tokenizer and command processor.

  • Ada95 Binding for Ncurses

    Source codes with commentaries for several packages in New Curse binding using Ada language.

  • AdaOpenGL

    Displays information about Ada news, Open GL resources and coding libraries.

  • AdaSDL

    Version release for programming language’s Simple DirectMedia Library.

  • AdaSockets

    Displays Ada sockets, development versions and coding archives.

  • Annex E for Gnat

    Provides an up to date Annex E interface for the current Gnat, which for some unknown reason is called GLADE and has nothing to do with the interface builder.

  • Big Number

    Packages uses Ada programming language on integers and fractions.

  • Florist

    Portable operating systems interface for Unix uses Ada language. Presents version releases and test program suite.

  • McKae: XIA

    XPath implementation using Ada programming language gains access to XML documents. Contains library source and version features.

  • Ncurses

    Features freeware software emulation’s release notes and working applications with descriptions.

  • Open Image

    Displays the opens image project of portable Ada 95 hierarchy devoted to the input/output and manipulation of image data.

  • Py Ada

    Features the script flexibility, programs can be customized by the end user, gives Ada 95 programs access to the vast amount of functionality that existing python libraries provide.

  • Semantic Interface Specification for Gnat

    Provides an up to date ASIS interface for the current GNAT with various tools based on ASIS, includes a very useful Gnatelim optimization tool and the adabrowse documentation generator.

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