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Ada Bindings and Libraries

Ada Interface to Lego Mindstorms

Provides source codes, images, and diagram for interface used on Computer Science education in the Air Force Academy.

Ada Structured Library

Features the current version 1.4 with calendar package, refcounting pointers, and reworked the string tokenizer, abstract i/o, telnet processor, security interface, string tokenizer and command processor.

Ada95 Binding for Ncurses

Source codes with commentaries for several packages in New Curse binding using Ada language.

Adalog Components

Gives information on Ada programming tools, components and utilities.

Adalog Debug

A guide to distribution package files listings, multi-task programs tracing routines and system advanced features.


Displays information about Ada news, Open GL resources and coding libraries.


Version release for programming language’s Simple DirectMedia Library.


Displays Ada sockets, development versions and coding archives.

Annex E for Gnat

Provides an up to date Annex E interface for the current Gnat, which for some unknown reason is called GLADE and has nothing to do with the interface builder.

Big Number

Packages uses Ada programming language on integers and fractions.


Portable operating systems interface for Unix uses Ada language. Presents version releases and test program suite.


Features freeware software emulation’s release notes and working applications with descriptions.

Py Ada

Features the script flexibility, programs can be customized by the end user, gives Ada 95 programs access to the vast amount of functionality that existing python libraries provide.

Semantic Interface Specification for Gnat

Provides an up to date ASIS interface for the current GNAT with various tools based on ASIS, includes a very useful Gnatelim optimization tool and the adabrowse documentation generator.

Templates Parser User’s Guide

Package user manual for web server enhancement. Includes details on variable tags and statements.

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