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Web Programming Resources

Code Arena

Provides DHTML, JavaScipt, and Java resources. Also provide various links to related sites.

Code Toad

Offers free HTML, Javascript, Java, ASP, and DHTML code tutorials and scripts.


Comprehensive network of client-side scripting resource sites dedicated to DHTML, JavaScript, and Java web development technologies with large collection of scripting tutorials, free scripts, Java applets and resources, and an active web developer forum.


Provides useful tutorials and programming tricks for Web applications. Also provides ready-to-run samples of various languages such as Perl, Java, JavaScript and Crypto.


Web developer site covering markup (HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML) scripting, and ASP and ADO technologies; with tutorials, quick syntax references, and a knowledge base.


Features information about Nathan’s blog and archive of web related articles.


Provides full UI/UX services, business solutions, and developer tools for HTML5 and MS technologies. http://www.facebook.com/infragistics infragistics http://www.linkedin.com/company/16069

Planet Source Code

Discusses computer topics such as visual basic, vb, active server pages (ASP), java, javscript, C, database, informix, oracle, SQL Server, Perl, CGI, Delphi, and PHP. Provides source code, programs, tutorials, and help.


Provides wide collection of scripts to help build a website. Site includes intro to programming and XHTML, online tools for Web building, code articles, examples, and tutorials.

Responsive Web Design Patterns

Grouping of modules and patterns and for responsive designs.


Offers a repository for coders and designers so they can store, organize and share snippets of code online.

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