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Open Source OpenGL Software

  • 3d-Desktop

    OpenGL program designed to switch virtual desktops in a 3-dimensional manner on Linux.

  • Cellumat3D

    Tool designed for exploring and simulating cellular automata in 3D space. Works with Linux and Windows.

  • OpenUniverse

    Software developed to generate 3D simulations of the Solar System's bodies. Runs on Linux and Windows.

  • restoreInpaint

    Enhances 8 or 16 bit depth images. Uses several restoration techniques including transportation, diffusion, and multiresolution.

  • Stellarium

    Free virtual planetarium featuring a realistic 3D sky, time control, multilingual interface, enhanced visuals, and customizability.

  • Vincent ES 1.x

    3D rendering library based on the OpenGL ES 1.1 API specification. Site presents screenshots and related news.

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