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If you''re looking for information on computer programming, you''ll find everything from algorithms and compilers, to software testing and source code control. In addition, you''ll also find references, resources and sites featuring discussion of different computer programming languages, online communities for programmers, tutorials, best practices and programming related blogs.

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  • 500'000€ Prize for Compressing Human Knowledge

    A perpetual contest in which participants attempt to compress a 1GB file as much as possible. Winners receive a portion of the project's 50'000€ prize.

  • DCWireNet

    National provider of IT outsourcing, IT support, web design, and web site maintenance.

  • MattsBits

    Contains articles relating to web and database development. Includes tutorials, guides and code examples for a range of programming, scripting and markup languages.

  • QSnipps

    Tool for programmers to store and organize their favorite re-usable pieces of code.

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