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Parallel Computing Projects

Berkeley Network of Workstations (NOW)

Project aimed at harnessing the power of clustered machines connected via high-speed switched networks.

Condor Project

Working to develop, implement, deploy, and evaluate mechanisms and policies that support High Throughput Computing (HTC) on large collections of distributively owned computing resources.

MIT Alewife Project

A large-scale multiprocessor that integrates both cache-coherent, distributed shared memory and user-level message-passing in a single integrated hardware framework.

Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group

Project focusing on the investigation and building of software systems for parallel and distributed environments.

The University of Wisconsin Madison

Computing project site aiming to improve ultiprocessor servers composing the computational infrastructure for internet web servers.

Wisconsin Multifacet Project

Working to improve the multiprocessor servers that form the computational infrastructure for Internet web servers, databases, and other demanding applications.

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