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Open Source Articles

Collaborative Source Software

Presents information on the combination of open source and proprietary software.

Developers Using Open-Source Software Behind Bosses' Backs

Features an article of the smuggling activities done by programmers. With a list of the related stories.

Open Source Software and Documents: A Literature and Resource Review

Features an article on the open source revolution. With details on the open source online forums and other resources.

Open Source Strategies

Shows a wide range of open source strategies. With details on the open source business models.

Open-Source Software Development

Elaborates on the prevalent open source philosophies and models. Contains details of dominant open source software including Linux and KDE.

The Register - Open Source is Good for America - US Military Advised

Features an article dealing with the usefulness of open source and free software in the infrastructure of one of the world's most powerful nations.

Why Free Software is Better Than Open Source

Features an essay write-up regarding the combination of free software movement and the open source movement into separate movements.

ZDNews - A Business Case for Open Source

Presents the author's commentary regarding open source software. With contact information.

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