Macintosh Multimedia Dynamics and Effects in the Best of the Web Directory

Macintosh Multimedia Dynamics and Effects

  • Airy's AU Plug-ins

    Features a suite of AU plug-ins for Mac OS X, including modules for adjusting pitch and adding spatial characteristics.

  • Altiverb

    Find demos, product info, free updates and version history for TDM, AU, MAS, RTAS and VST reverb plug-in.

  • Ambience Reverb

    Provides product downloads for shareware AU and VST reverb suite.

  • Antares Audio Technology

    Pitch correction plug ins, and vocal modeling harmony generators.

  • BFD FXpansion

    Makers of effects adapters for various formats Contains news, products and support.

  • Camel Phat

    Presents a brief history of the plug-in as well a screenshots and system requirements. For Mac OS 9 VST.

  • Canz3D

    Supplies spatial effects for headphone listening in VST hosts.

  • Cube

    Find demos, sound clips and support links for AU morphing plug-in.

  • Doubler

    Offers doubling effects for mono tracks without printing another track. For TDM, RTAS, VST and AU.

  • FinalPlug

    Mastering plug-in for RTAS, VST, MAS and AU offers professional peak limiting.

  • Laidman and Katsura AU Plug-ins

    Features a suite of calibration plug-ins for the AU architecture, including Bass Tuner, Guitar Tuner and Vocal Lab.

  • Lexicon PSP 42

    Serves product specs and screenshots for an audio plug-in, which emulates the classic rack unit. For AU, RTAS, VST and DirectX.

  • MasterVerb

    Serves screenshots, product specs, demos and testimonials for VST, AU, MAS, RTAS and DirectX applications.

  • MultiDynamics

    Provides multi-band dynamics and equalization for MAS, AU, VST and RTAS.

  • Musolomo

    Access news and download software for capturing and processing live music on the fly.

  • Ozone: Mastering for Mac OS X

    Features multiband harmonic effects for dynamic mastering in RTAS, VST, MAS and AU hosts.

  • Power Couple

    Access product specs, testimonials and demo copies of the crystal-clear compressor, expander and gate plug-in for AU, RTAS, MAS, VST and DirectX.

  • Prosoniq: PiWarp

    Creates spatial effects for audio programs running VST and RTAS plug-ins.

  • Q-Clone: Outboard Emulator

    Allows users to clone various outboard equalizers, compressors and more for use as plug-ins under VST, AU, RTAS, MAS and AudioSuite.

  • Random Pan

    Delivers random pan effect, which can be linked to tempo for Mac AU.

  • Renaissance Axx: Guitar Dynamics

    Delivers reviews and product specs about guitar dynamics processor for VST, AU, RTAS and more.

  • Renaissance Compressor: Vintage Compression

    Dynamic compression plug-in works in Opto and Electro modes for TDM, VST and AU.

  • ReNoise

    Contains new architecture for fans of vintage tracking applications. Includes news, songs, community links and support.

  • S360 Surround Panner

    Imaging plug-in for surround sound applications works with RTAS, TDM, VST and AU formats.

  • SFX Machine

    Real-time effects plug-in for Mac OS X and OS 9 Features hundreds of DSP options in one module.

  • Sound Consulting: AU Plug-ins

    Contains product overview for a series of AU plug-ins, including Bad Cable, Overflow, Rider and Gain.

  • Spectrasonics

    Provides news, software updates, support, libraries and more for users of Stylus RMX, Atmosphere and Trilogy.

  • Steinberg: Groove Agent

    Find support, news and product overview of virtual drum effects plug-in for VST and AU.

  • TrackPlug

    Find reviews, downloads and specs devoted to all-in-one equalizer, compressor and gate plug-in for VST, MAS, AU and RTAS.

  • Trash

    Simulates over saturation analog effects in small and big portions for VST, AU, RTAS and MAS host players.

  • Tremulator

    Users of RTAS, TDM, AU and AudioSuite programs can add classic tremolo guitar effects to audio.

  • UltraPitch: Pitch Manipulation and Harmony

    Contains screenshots and details about the pitch-correcting and harmony plug-in for RTAS, TDM, VST and AU.

  • Vinyl

    Adds vinyl coloring to digital recordings in VST, MAS, RTAS and AU formats.

  • WaveSurround Pro

    Applies surround sound effects for TDM, RTAS, AU and VST.

  • WaveWindow

    Oscilloscope plug-in for Mac AU is highlighted. Includes program specs and download options.

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