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Music and Audio Theory and Training Software


Jazz ear training application particularly developed for college-level music students.


Customizable software tool for interval ear training available in a 30-day trial download.

Crystal Metronome

Digital metronome software for musicians and athletes. Features tempo markings, measures, and subdivisions.

Ear Power

Compact and easy-to-use ear training software featuring sophisticated rhythm drills, timing control, voice pitch recognition, and configurable drills for learning melodic and harmonic intervals.

Ear Training Expedition

Musicianship software available in elementary, intermediate, and advanced versions.


Helps train auditory skills for better musicianship. Enhances one's ability to recognize the distance between different intervals.


Ear training software offering features for recognizing and transcribing intervals, chords, scales, rhythms, and melodies.

Earope Ear Training

Full-featured ear training software package designed by musicians for musicians.

GNU Solfege

Free music education software designed for remembering rhythmic patterns, recognizing melodic and harmonic intervals, and identifying and singing chords.

Guitar & Bass Ear Trainer

Ear-training software particularly designed for players of guitar, bass, and other fretboard instruments.


Mac-based ear training software. Features single note, melody, growing melody, triad, random atonal chord, and interval identification exercises.

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