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  • Alex Chiu

    Introduces an eternal life device that also provides physical immortality.

  • Baby Cage

    Presents an inhumane infant confinement device and other electric confinement solutions.

  • Derrie-Air

    Fictitious advertising campaign created to test the results of advertising in print and online products and to stimulate discussion on a timely environmental topic.

  • Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division

    Contains distorted information and reports about dihydrogen monoxide.

  • Floral Sculpture Clinic

    Introduces an unproven surgery implant technology.

  • Free Forever Dog Island

    Features a fictitious canine sanctuary with population statistics, some weather forecasts, and photos.

  • GenoChoice

    Accommodates online orders or requests for the creation of a genetically healthy baby.

  • International Trepanation Advocacy Group

    Supports scientific research into improved brain circulation and function through making openings in the skull. Includes overview, newsletter, and pilot studies.

  • Lacuna Inc.

    Offers a simple but accordingly an effective way of removing problem memories.

  • Lake Michigan Whale Watching

    Information about freshwater inhabiting whales and dolphins. With photos.

  • Lasik at Home

    Introduces a handy tool that is said to be capable of performing the same surgical operation that the expensive LASIK surgery does.

  • McWhortle Enterprises, Inc.

    Advertises a bio-hazard countering device that detects microscopic levels of dangerous organisms and fatal substances.

  • Minnesota Coconut Growers

    Discusses coconut production in the state, growing information, fun facts, and contacts.

  • The Ova Prima Foundation

    The only purpose of this foundation is to resolve the egg and chicken controversy by building a body of scientific evidence about the age-old question of which came first.

  • The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

    Calls for the salvaging of the "endangered" tree octopus - a non-existent creature.

  • Petroldirect

    Online retailer of petroleum products claims to offer much lower pump prices.

  • Pop: the First Male Pregnancy

    Documents the alleged conceiving of Mr. Lee Mingwei. With hoax real-time monitoring of Mr. Mingwei's health.

  • RYT Hospital

    Claims to present the "miracles" of modern medicine - the Nanodocs, Genochoice, male pregnancy, and Clyve - all of which are unproven medical technologies.

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