Free Website Counters and Trackers in the Best of the Web Directory

Free Website Counters and Trackers

Offers a website visitor tracker to analyze traffic data.


Offers free hit counter and web tracking tools.

The Christian Counter

Dispenses a free hit counter for Christian websites. The counter automatically keeps track of all hits regardless of page or group codes.

Count My Page

Real-time webpage hit tracker featuring extensive web logging statistics.

CQ Counter

Generates reports on which links or search engines brought in visitors to a site, how often pages were reloaded, the number of hits per period, visitor IP addresses, and the browsers and OS used by the visitors tracked.


Free website component comparable to the Facebook "Like" button but does not require visitors to log in or sign up.


Source for free easy to use web tracking and statistics service.


Free invisible web tracker that features a configurable hit counter and provides real-time detailed web statistics.

Users Online

server-side running script tracking users and other relevant data involved in analyzing website traffic. No monthly fees or software installations required.

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