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Web Design Color Tools

  • 0 to 255

    Simple to use tool for creating color combinations for websites and blogs.

  • ACME Label Maker

    Offers free automatically generated labels, which include fonts, font colors, and text.

  • Adobe Color

    Web application for trying out, developing, saving, as well as sharing color themes.

  • Adobe Labs

    Free web-hosted application for generating color themes and allowing experimentation on the fly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the Kuler community.

  • Check My Colours

    Online tool for analyzing the color contrast and combination of web pages.

  • Color Coordinator

    Consists of a web-color wheel, RGB and RYB color coordinator tool, news and other useful links.

  • Color Explorer

    Web-based "toolbox" offering utilities useful in working with digital colors.

  • Color Hunter

    Web application for creating color palettes out of uploaded images.

  • Color Maker

    Provides information about the JavaScript version of ColorMaker as well as actual background color demonstration. Also offers additional information about sample background patterns.

  • Color Palette Generator

    Produces a color palette or theme based on an uploaded image and specified grid size and method.

  • ColorCombos

    Features online color tools, a color combo library, and a website color scheme identifier.

  • Colordev

    Offers a number of website color optimization guides and coloring tools including palettes and backgrounds.

  • ColorMunki

    Color solution for color control and color creation tools for photo and design digital workflows.

  • ColoRotate

    Intuitive color editing for the Apple iPad. Takes control of the colors with a 3D color scope. ColoRotate

  • Colors on the Web

    Site devoted to color theory and the use of colors in design. Serves as a resource for web designers. Also feature color tools, color schemes, and a guide to color names.

  • Colorspire

    Free and easy-to-use online tool for web designers facilitating the discovery, creation, and use of new color schemes.

  • HSL Color Picker

    Online tool for graphic designers. Enables the creation of new colors using HSL codes through HSL sliders.

  • HTML Color Codes

    Offers HTML color chart and color picker tools, guide on using HTML color codes, a list of web safe colors, tutorials, and related freeware.

  • HTML Colors

    Online tool which displays an HTML color chart, an extensive range of web site colors, and other webmaster tools.

  • Imgr.co

    Free image color tool and palette generator for designers. Features color palettes and swatches created by users.

  • Michelle's Color Tester

    Enables experimentation with web colors and provides a color mixing tool as allowing the user to visually inspect hexadecimal colors for design purposes.

  • Pic2color

    Generates color palettes from pictures. Also features other online color tools.

  • RGB Color Calculator

    Offers free use of an RGB color calculator and hexadecimal code generator as well as brief RGB and Hex tutorials.

  • SwatchSpot

    Produces random color swatches that can be shuffled until a desired combination is achieved.

  • What Its Color

    Image color processing utility that determines the primary and complementary dominant colors of an image.

  • Work With Color

    Features an introduction to color theory as well as color picking, scheming, and conversion tools.

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